Adult Volunteers

Theater at The Mount productions happen with the commitment and help of many volunteers. If you wish to volunteer for an event or production, just click on the SignUpGenuis link below and select an area or areas where you would like to volunteer. Please see the list below for current and upcoming events where volunteers will be needed.

A complete list of volunteer positions can be downloaded here:


Here's a list of some of the volunteer

positions that will be needed for the

upcoming productions:

  • Ticket Sales

  • Phone Calling

  • Concessions

  • Acknowledgements

  • Back Stage Parent

  • House Parent

  • Rehearsal Lunch

  • Cast Party-Host

  • Cast Party-Help

Current Events Needing Volunteers:

links to sign up for "humbletown"

parent volunteer slots will be available soon!

Backstage Parent

Report to drama Room G40; monitor doors, no backstage visitors.

Star Grams

Table at theatre entrance; set up and sell Star Grams (personal encouraging notes with lollipops) pre-show
and during intermission. Count/record money after intermission.

Ticket Sales

Front of school by main theater gate. Sell general seating tickets; will call/lost tickets verification, electronic payment, take payments/make change. Count and record money immediately after show begins.


Tables at theatre entrance; set up and sell concessions pre-show and during intermission. After intermission,
store items in containers, count and turn in money. Intermission is 40 minutes into show.

House Parent

Report to student house manager in Lobby. Support student ushers. Sit in back row of audience during
performance. Wear white shirt/top & black/dark slacks or skirt.

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